Friday, August 27, 2010

Roots & Legends offers class on 'Pediatric Herbal Formulas'

Arthur Shattuck, physician of Chinese medicine, will be leading classes in Chinese herbal medicine. He has been in private clinical practice for over 26 years. His hospital studies have included internships in Taipei, Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai, China.

Classes will be offered on a somewhat regular basis - you may come to one or to a series. Each lecture will be considered as a stand alone presentation. Each class will be approximately (1) hour in length and held at "Roots and Legends' Natural Medicine Clinic.

There will be a fee charged of $11.00 for each class.

NEXT CLASS: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 - PEDIATRIC HERBAL THERAPY. Based on The Book Turtle Tails and Other Tender Mercies. Traditional Chinese Pediatrics.

The study of Chinese medicine is a life-long process. Begin your learning with someone who has extensive experience or add to what you already know. Each different teacher brings their own experience to their teaching. You are invited to participate.

Call the clinic for reservations. Class size is intentionally limited.

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